Racquet Stringing

Synthetic Gut 16g : $22

Great entry level string. Something for everyone: good playability, good durability, good price. 16G

Colors available – Black, Gold, Rainbow


Diamondback Poly 16g : $24

String breakers looking to get a few more sessions out of their string should give this one a try. Big hitters will love the low powered control. Recommended to advanced poly players in search of durability.


Black Code 16/17g /*18g : $36

Tecnifibre BlackCode is a co-poly string and features THERMOCORE technology. It offers a PENTAGONAL profile for good bite on the ball resulting in better spin potential. This string has minimal tension loss and soft feel.

Colors Available – Black, Fire, Lime (*18g only available in black)


Technifibre MultiFeel 16/17g : $30

Multi-Feel offers multifilament comfort and playability with enhanced durability thanks to its construction of a monofilament core, multifilament wraps and anti-abrasion coating. Our playtesters have found this string to offer a high level of comfort, excellent ball pocketing and a soft and dampened feel. Multi-Feel is ideal for players looking for a soft and arm-friendly string as well as those seeking to soften up a stiff frame.

Colors available – Natural and Black


Duramix : $33

Tecnifibre Duramix HD 17 will provide more spin potential and a softer feel, at the expense of some durability. This string is the latest technology breakthrough in the area of comfortable polyester strings. Combining 50% polyester fibers and 50% polyamide fibers (found in Tecnifibre’s softer multifilaments strings), this string provides a surprising combination of soft and crisp feel.


Technifibre X-One Biphase 16/17g : $40

With its gut like feel, this high-end multifilament offers exceptional power, comfort and ball pocketing. X-one is the softest and most powerful string in our arsenal. It also has better durability than Multifeel!!!

Colors available – Natural and Red

Want to bring us your favorite string? We’ll string it for $15!